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Episode 6.

Waste: What’s the Way Forward?

The way we use our resources has got to change. From plastics clogging our oceans to the pollution in our skies warming the planet, we need a whole-of-systems change when it comes to reducing and managing our waste. Jo Taranto from Good for the Hood (and the War on Waste Series) will share some practical examples of how households, neighbourhoods and councils are changing their waste management systems.

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About the Host

The host for the conversation series is Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO of The Next Economy. Amanda has spent nearly 25 years supporting changemakers across the world to improve individual and community wellbeing. Her work at The Next Economy is to support communities to strengthen local economies in ways that are good for people and planet. In this way, her work touches on many of the themes in 2040 – climate change, food and energy systems, waste, and how the economic and political systems operate to both facilitate and block change. 


Jo Taranto

Jo Taranto is one half of the dynamic grassroots campaigners behind ‘5 for Ryde’, a community initiative to fight a war on single use plastic in Sydney. She’s a Director of social enterprise start-up consultancy ‘Good for the Hood‘ whose mission is to inspire communities around the country to fight their own war on waste.


Good for the Hood –

Good for the Hood Action ToolKit

War on Waste

  • Season 1 is available on digital download (iTunes or Google Play) or DVD
  • Season 2 is available on ABC iview –

Tips for how to start to tackle the waste problem locally:

  • Optimising your own behaviour towards zero waste in the home
  • Utilise swap meets & buy, swap, sell platforms
  • Investigate community composting & gardens
  • Investigate workshops through your local Council


Find your inspiration online. Jo follows:



Did you know recycling is different across different states & local councils?

  • Find out what is recyclable in your local council
  • Download the RecyleSmart App or visit directory


Organisations to get involved in or find out more about:


Unfortunately, Sharon Ede was unable to attend the webinar, however check out her organisation and the work they do in relocalising production in Australian cities to rebuild them from the inside out so they’re regenerative


What else can you do? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there’s a lot of organisations that are already in this space. Donate to these organisations to support their activity.

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