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The Regeneration is a growing movement of people all around the world who are committed to learning about, contributing to, advocating for and investing in regenerative solutions to improve our planet. Meet some of the everyday heroes who are making awesome things happen!

Ronni Kahn

Ronni is the Founder and CEO of OzHarvest, Australia's leading food rescue organisation. During 6 months of the COVID pandemic, OzHarvest diverted 6,107,000 kilos of good food from going to landfill. This year Ronni released her book "A Repurposed Life", a heartfelt memoir that gave her the opportunity to examine how she found her purpose and how she got to be where she is today. "Every single one of us has purpose. It's the place that we find joy, to know that what we can do makes a difference either to our planet or to other people." - Ronni Kahn

AY Young

AY is an artist, producer, entrepreneur, sustainability activist and one of the UN’s Young World Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals. AY joined the Regeneration by creating Battery Tour. Being in the music industry, AY understood the issues and impacts associated with live music concerts, which inspired him to figure out how to power his concerts with 100% renewable energy. AY is one of the first artists to do so and he's now performed over 800 shows in 100 cities around the world using only renewable energy! While on this journey, AY also learnt that over 1 billion people lack access to electricity and was inspired to do more. His team now send, develop and deploy renewable energy to people around the world who need it. So far, AY has helped power over 17 countries with renewable energy whilst spreading awareness and messages of love and hope.

Yen Dao

Yen is based in Sydney and is one of the founders of The Growth Project - a project that up-cycles under-utilised urban land into social, environmental and economically sustainable green spaces that give back to local communities. Their work is an industry collaboration to create vibrant and inclusive urban farming projects! 🌿

Luka Lesson

Luka is a poet, rapper and storyteller who connects his art to social change movements. Inspired by '2040' and a conversation he had with Damon Gameau, Luka created a new poem called "What Will Become of Us?" to inspire others to take action on climate change. Luka is also an educator and designs poetry workshops for both Australian and international schools.

Catherine & Aniyo

Meet Catherine and Aniyo, the founders of GoodEdi who have joined the Regeneration by creating the only takeaway cup you can eat! They recently won the Taronga Zoo HATCH Accelerator Program and have already received orders from cafes in Melbourne with production of the cups due to start in March. Australians dispose of 1 billion cups a year (globally that number is 500 billion!). With GoodEdi cups, you can eat them like a nutritious biscuit or let them biodegrade in your garden or rubbish bin within 14 days (quicker than a banana peel).

Casey Whitelaw

Casey Whitelaw quit his job in technology to start Go Neutral - an offsetting start-up that helps Australians easily make their cars carbon neutral by regenerating the land. By regenerating bushland and farmland, Australia can remove hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air, every year. As Casey says, "it’s almost impossible to live a zero-emissions life right now - it’s just not realistic. That’s why we should be aiming for net zero instead, by offsetting the emissions that we can’t avoid." In one easy step, you can make your car carbon neutral by buying a Go Neutral sticker. When you do, Go Neutral will buy carbon credits that capture carbon by regenerating Australian land. The first projects that Go Neutral has supported are near Bourke, in north-western NSW. The Moolakar and Iverness regeneration projects are restoring native bushland and increasing habitat for the region's biodiversity.

Anjali Sharma

Anj is a remarkable 16 year old and one of eight young people who are taking the Australian Government to court in the fight for climate justice. The plaintiffs are representing young people from around Australia to bring a class action against the Federal Minister for the Environment to protect young people from the climate change impacts of the proposed Vickery Extension Coal Project. If the court agrees that the Minister’s duty of care to protect young people from the harms of burning coal prevents her from approving new coal mines there could be huge flow-on effects. It could set a precedent preventing all new coal mines from being approved in this country. Anj is also part of School Strike 4 Climate and is passionate about the disproportionate impacts of climate change, particularly towards young people and people of colour.

Vanessa and Nicole

Vanessa and Nic have joined the Regeneration by creating 100% home-compostable packaging for their natural and organic skincare brand Biode. They realised the huge impact that the beauty industry is having on the planet and decided they wanted to create sustainable solutions to reducing waste. You can put their packaging in the compost, or even plant it directly into your pot plants or garden and it will biodegrade within 12-20 weeks!

Ian Montgomery

Ian is the founder of Guacamole Airplane, a design studio in California working on sustainable packaging. Inspired by open source movements, who publicly share their proprietary materials, Ian and his team have made it a goal to share everything they've learnt about sustainable packaging thus far! On their website they share their internal database of packaging suppliers, with the hope that it will help inform and encourage brands beyond their client base to work towards better packaging decisions. "My vision for the future is that we, as a society, are more thoughtful and intentional with the products we buy and the things we use, I really believe in design as one of the many avenues we can use to get there!" - Ian

Madeleine Hill

Madeleine is the creator of 'Our Simple Gestures', an online platform that provides tools and resources to help people minimise their environmental impact by forming sustainable habits and making more informed choices. "We're not perfect and we've been known to forget our keep cup and ditch that eco-friendly toothpaste that tastes like mud. But what we will never ditch is hope and optimism! We're here to help motivate others and show the power that our simple gestures can have." - Madeleine

Naomi Tarszisz

Meet Naomi, who joined the Regeneration by establishing RePlated, a company that creates reusable takeaway containers. Naomi recently won the Sir Rupert Myers Sustainability award and was selected as one of the participants in the Taronga Zoo HATCH Accelerator Program! Each of the containers is made from recycled single-use plastic bottles and is made so that at the end of its life, RePlated will take it back for recycling into new products. A truly circular solution! RePlated is also growing their swap and wash program to encourage the movement of using reusable takeaway containers in every day life.

Lauren Branson

Meet Lauren, the CEO and co-founder of Your Food Collective! Lauren has joined the Regeneration by making sustainably grown, local food convenient for everyone. Your Food Collective was started because Lauren and her team understood that food is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and habitat loss and good food is key to happy communities. Their solution was simple, Your Food Collective started delivering fresh, locally sourced produce that is grown with respect to the land and the growers! Excitingly, Lauren is also building Your Food Collective to be carbon positive, which means that their growers are capturing more carbon than they are emitting.

Elizabeth Allen

Meet Elizabeth, who has joined the Regeneration by starting the brand, The Merri Creek Kid. Elizabeth started the Merri Creek Kid brand following her diagnosis with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. During the 2020 Melbourne lockdown, her recovery from surgery was spent down at Merri Creek with her daughter, where she felt rejuvenated and inspired. The Merri Creek Kid brand sells a variety of sustainable items such as metal straws, coffee cups and mugs made from wheat straw, which is usually thrown away after harvest but has been re-purposed. Elizabeth has also committed to donating $1 from every product sold to the Merri Creek Management Fund, contributing to the upkeep of the creek.

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