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About the Series

Join us for our fortnightly conversation series – Towards 2040 – where we will be taking a deeper dive into how we can make the 2040 vision a reality. Moderated by Amanda Cahill and featuring guest experts, these conversations will explore how we can make it to this vision of 2040, what the things are that are currently holding us back, and how we can all use our own agency and influence to play a role in creative positive change in the world.

Over the next 10 weeks we’ll be exploring topics such as; overcoming climate grief and moving from despair to action, democratising the energy system, making food fair, empowering girls and women, speaking truth to power and politics and making change stick – among many others!

Click the registration page below to sign up for our upcoming episodes. There are limited spots available but if you miss out on a session, don’t worry! We’ll post the recorded video afterwards with follow up links and resources to support you on the journey. Together, we can help tell a new story for our planet and build a better, brighter 2040.

About the Host

The host for the conversation series is Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO of The Next Economy. Amanda has spent nearly 25 years supporting changemakers across the world to improve individual and community wellbeing. Her work at The Next Economy is to support communities to strengthen local economies in ways that are good for people and planet. In this way, her work touches on many of the themes in 2040 – climate change, food and energy systems, waste, and how the economic and political systems operate to both facilitate and block change. 


Democratising the Energy System

Episode 2.
July 28, 2019 3:00 pm AEST
Nicky Ison Founding Director – Community Power Agency
Larissa Baldwin Senior Campaigner – GetUp & Widjabul clan of the Bundjalung Nation
Giles Parkinson – Renew Economy

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Australia is in the midst of transforming its entire energy system as it transitions to renewable energy. While large-scale projects are popping up all over Australia, questions remain as to how we can transition in a way that is not only fast enough to address the urgency of climate change, but also fair to everyone. In this conversation, we will explore:

Where is Australia really at with the transition to renewable energy? What is holding us back? Where are the most promising projects happening?

How do micro-grids and community-owned renewable energy systems open up new spaces for energy democracy?

How can renewable energy benefit economically marginalised groups such as First Nations communities, low-income households or remote parts of Australia?

What can we do to support and accelerate the transition to renewable energy?


Talking About Climate Change

Episode 1.
July 14, 2019 3:00 pm AEST
Katerina Gaita Founder and Director – Climate for Change

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We know that social change happens when ordinary people start having conversations with those they know and trust. In this webinar episode, we’ll be talking to Katerina Gaita from Climate for Change to explore how we can have the most effective conversations about climate change to take actions that will inspire others and in a way that empowers people to take action.

We’ll be exploring some frameworks and tools you can use for simplifying the understanding of climate change, tactics and ways we can start these conversations, and how we can respond when we meet a climate change denier. We’ll also be providing some resources on where can you go for more information and training should you wish to take things a step further. 

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