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Free Teaching Resources

We have partnered with the curriculum experts at Cool Australia to build a comprehensive package of units of work for upper primary and secondary. These free lesson plans are learning recipes for teachers that utilise short clips from the film to support classroom learning, providing step-by-step instructions, student workshops and engaging content.

To explore these lessons, simply click the button below to access our education portal. Teachers in Australia and New Zealand will be directed to sign up for a free account with Cool Australia. Teachers in the UK and Ireland can sign up for a free account through the portal.

You can also sign up to our teachers mailing list to find out when new curriculum versions will become available.


School Screenings

Teachers in the UK and Ireland: 

2040 is now available for school screenings across the country! You can purchase an educational license for 2040 for your school and share the film with your class by visiting the 2040 education shop. By purchasing an educational screening license of 2040, schools can use the film for several types of screenings such as; screenings in classrooms (both in-person and virtually), screening with pupils and parents, and screenings for fundraising purposes. If you have questions or further enquiries about screening the film for your school or class, please email [email protected]

Teachers in Australia and New Zealand:

Schools in Australia and New Zealand can order the Schools Version of the 2040 DVD or Blu Ray! This version of the 2040 disc is for primary and secondary schools that wish to utilise the film as a learning tool or host on-site screenings for the school community (including fundraisers). Once you’ve purchased your copy, we will send you a link to download our School Action Toolkit and add you to our schools mailing list (optional). If you haven’t purchased a DVD but would still like to receive a free copy of our School Action Toolkit, please email [email protected] 

If you have already bought a DVD of the film and you have a ClickView account, you can email us for permission to upload the film to your account, to make it more easily accessible for your teachers and students. 

You can can now also organise a virtual screening of the film for your class.

To enquire about this option please email [email protected] and our team will help you set this up.

Schools in Australia

ORDER NOW If you would prefer an invoice for your purchase please email [email protected]

Schools in New Zealand

ORDER NOW If your school prefers to purchase via invoice, please email [email protected]

Teachers in other countries

We’re currently working to align our educational resources with local curriculum in as many territories as possible. As this work requires local partnerships and funding, we’d love to hear from organisations and educators who would be interested in partnering with us to support this work. To register your interest, please email [email protected]

To find out when the film will be available for educational use in your country, please sign-up to the mailing list below and we will keep you updated.

Lessons aligned to the United States curriculum are coming soon!

"One of the most touching parts of the film was seeing Damon's hope towards the capability of my generation. This sort of inspiration is vital for the productivity and initiation of creativity for people my age."

ELENA STORRY — Grade 6 Student, United Kingdom

"2040 is an awesome film because it shows what could happen if we try to save the planet. I really liked connecting up all the houses with solar panels, we could even connect up the whole world and we could all have power."

ZALI — aged 8, Australia

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