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Episode 9.

Motivational Discussion with Damon and Dr Renee Lertzman

Join 2040 director Damon Gameau and Environmental Psychologist, Dr Renee Lertzman, for a live, motivational discussion and Q&A to kick off the new year.

Damon reached out to Dr Renee four years ago when he started research for ‘2040’, keen to understand the psychology of apathy and disengagement when it comes to our biggest environmental and social challenges and to understand what can keep us buoyed, engaged and motivated to positive action. This conversation with Dr Renee inspired the solutions-focussed narrative of ‘2040’ and new ways to communicate the opportunity that the climate movement presents as we learn more about creativity, resilience, and problem-solving than ever before.

Join Damon and Renee as they look towards the new year ahead exploring topics such as: how to stay balanced and motivated amidst the barrage of negative news, how to engage in valuable and constructive conversations with family and friends, how to talk to children about climate change, and what we can do to stay positive and connected, motivated and engaged. Bring along your questions as the conversation will open up to a live Q&A. Register now to secure your spot and, in the meantime, watch Dr Renee’s vision for 2040 here

About the Host

The host for the conversation series is Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO of The Next Economy. Amanda has spent nearly 25 years supporting changemakers across the world to improve individual and community wellbeing. Her work at The Next Economy is to support communities to strengthen local economies in ways that are good for people and planet. In this way, her work touches on many of the themes in 2040 – climate change, food and energy systems, waste, and how the economic and political systems operate to both facilitate and block change. 


Damon Gameau

Damon Gameau is a film director, producer, author and activist. His films include ‘2040’ and ‘That Sugar Film’.
As a director he wrote, directed and performed the vocals for the 2011 winning Tropfest short film, Animal Beatbox, which has now played at over 25 festivals world wide.
In 2015 he released his first feature film ‘That Sugar Film’ which became the highest grossing Australian documentary across Australia and New Zealand of all time. It has received awards from across the world including the 2015 AACTA Award for Best Documentary. The accompanying book, ‘That Sugar Book’ was a best seller in Australia and has since been released in over 20 countries and 8 languages around the world. That Sugar Guide soon followed.
Damon has recently completed the documentary ‘2040’ which looks at what the world could look like in 2040 if all the best solutions that exists today across environment, community, food and design were implemented right now. It was released in Australia in May 2019 with an accompanying book called ‘2040: a handbook for the regeneration’, and is currently rolling out cinematically around the world.

Dr Renee Lertzman

Having pioneered the bridging of psychological research and sustainability for more 20 years, Dr. Renee Lertzman gracefully marries the worlds of academia and practice. She does this by translating complex psychological and social science research insights into clear, applied and profound tools for organizations around the world seeking to engage, mobilize and connect with diverse populations, communities and individuals. Her unique and integrated approach brings together the best of the behavioral sciences, social sciences and innovative design sciences to create a powerful approach to engagement and social change.

Renee is an internationally recognized thought leader and adviser, and works with organizations, professionals, and practitioners from government, business, philanthropic, and non-governmental sectors to design research tools, brand strategy, trainings, workshops, engagement practices, and strategies suited for the uniquely challenging nature of environmental work.

Renee also is regularly commissioned to teach, present and produce research for a range of institutions, including WORLD WILDLIFE FUND, the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST), National Center for Atmospheric Research, NOAA, Climate Solutions, Sustainable Path Foundation, Columbia University, Portland State University, Center for Sustainable Energy, SKOLL GLOBAL THREATS FUND, Radboud University (NL), LANZHOU UNIVERSITY (China), ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (British Columbia), Oxford University’s UK Energy Research Centre, and the University College London’s Climate Sciences Communications Policy Commission.

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