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Episode 2.

Democratising the Energy System

Australia is in the midst of transforming its entire energy system as it transitions to renewable energy. While large-scale projects are popping up all over Australia, questions remain as to how we can transition in a way that is not only fast enough to address the urgency of climate change, but also fair to everyone. In this conversation, we will explore where is Australia really at with the transition to renewable energy and what is holding us back?

About the Host

The host for the conversation series is Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO of The Next Economy. Amanda has spent nearly 25 years supporting changemakers across the world to improve individual and community wellbeing. Her work at The Next Economy is to support communities to strengthen local economies in ways that are good for people and planet. In this way, her work touches on many of the themes in 2040 – climate change, food and energy systems, waste, and how the economic and political systems operate to both facilitate and block change. 


Nicky Ison

Nicky Ison is a Founding Director of the Community Power Agency, a Research Associate at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney and a Strategist at Climate Action Network Australia. She is an acknowledged leader, expert and commentator in the fields of energy policy, community energy, and energy market reform.

Larissa Baldwin

Larissa Baldwin is a Widjabul woman from the Bundjalung Nations and currently First Nations Justice Lead at GetUp. She dedicates her life to fighting for First Nations justice and Self-Determination. From staunch grassroots resistance, to building the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, to starting First Nations Justice campaigning at GetUp. Larissa has a passion for mentoring young people, and crafting brilliant campaign strategies.

Giles Parkinson

GILES PARKINSON is the founder and editor of independent website, RenewEconomy. He is a journalist of 30 years experience, a former Business Editor and Deputy Editor of the Australian Financial Review, a columnist for The Bulletin magazine and The Australian, and founder and former editor of Climate Spectator

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