Rebekka'S PLAN

This is Rebekka's personalised list of actions to help regenerate the planet by 2040.

Activate your Regeneration plan now to see how you can help create a better future.

Donate to Keep Girls Safe and Connected

Support One Girl’s emergency appeal to keep girls in Sierra Leone safe and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Girl are adjusting their programs based on new measures of social isolation to focus on trying to stop the spread, protect communities and importantly, ensure that girls don’t feel isolated during this time. As well as providing physical sanitation equipment like the humble bucket + soap, which will help communities who have no running water to stop the spread of infection, One Girl will also be providing the following programs; online girls’ clubs, social distance communication networks, distance learning and hygiene sensitisation.

Support the appeal
Join the 2040 Facebook Group

Connect with others to discuss your 2040 vision and build capacity for climate action.

Share your hopes, dreams and visions for the kind of world you would like to see in 2040 and learn what others are doing in their communities. By joining this group, you’ll become part of a growing global movement of people taking action on climate change and supporting solutions to regenerate our planet. You will also have exclusive access to webinars from Damon, Dr Amanda Cahill and other experts from the film and the regeneration movement.

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Switch Your Search Engine

Get searching with Ecosia and help plant trees around the world.

Ecosia is a free search engine that uses at least 80% of its surplus income to finance reforestation and conservation projects around the world. Switch your search engine and see how many trees you can plant.

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Fundraise at work

Fundraise to support the education of girls in Africa.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 52.2 million girls are out of school. Educating a girl not only has the potential to change her life – it also changes communities and impacts future generations. Educated girls become empowered women who can make choices about family planning and who can build climate-smart enterprises. Help CAMFED support more girls to go to school by organising workplace fundraising. Get your colleagues and company involved in raising funds and awareness for girls’ education. Just US$150 can send a girl to school for a year!

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Fund Regenerative Seaweed Projects

Help us scale the seaweed solution by crowdfunding regenerative seaweed projects.

The Climate Foundation is using marine permaculture (ocean farming of kelp and seaweeds) to address climate change and restore balance and life to our oceans. You can help scale the seaweed solution by contributing to the development of a regenerative seaweed project in the Philippines. This project will help revive the tropical seaweed forests in the Philippines and restore livelihoods to local communities.

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Volunteer with The Climate Foundation

Volunteer your time and skills to help restore life in our oceans

Seaweed is more efficient at absorbing CO2 than the amazon rainforest! The Climate Foundation is using marine permaculture (ocean farming of kelp and seaweeds) to restore balance and life in our oceans. Help them accelerate their seaweed solution by volunteering your time. They’re looking for a broad range of skills!

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